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8/12/15 Construction Update

Dear Community,

Our construction project continues with the Administration Building and the Staff and Teacher Village nearly complete. We have actually brought furniture into the Village apartments! The Temple is still several months away from completion, though many of the outside components are in and the building is looking fabulous. Inside the contractors are busy installing the wiring, plumbing, and HVAC components in preparation for sheet-rocking. Still to come at the Temple will be a large patio area out front, including a water feature, and landscaping.

With metta,

John Griffith

Facilities Manager

Construction News

A New Community Meditation Hall
to Support Our Sangha

Located in a serene open grassland hillside setting, with an outdoor terrace and arrival space, the new Community Meditation Hall will create an environment conducive to practice and will form a respectful setting for the precious teachings we offer.

If you’ve attended classes in the Community Hall or volunteered in our administrative offices, you’ll know that the conditions here are not sustainable: dilapidated trailers, challenging lay-out, difficult logistics. This next building phase will be the second of four phases that will complete the approved 1988 build-out of the Spirit Rock campus. Designed by local notable green architectural firm Hart Howerton, our permanent new buildings with green design functions will improve all aspects of Spirit Rock’s programs and operations. To learn more about our master plan vision, click here.


Join us! We are the community of individuals sharing equally in building Spirit Rock.