Invitation from Sylvia Boorstein

Dear friends of Spirit Rock,

I hope this letter finds you very well. First off, let me thank you all profoundly for helping to make Spirit Rock—celebrating its 25th anniversary—the remarkable Dharma teaching center that it has become. Your support—your presence, your practice, your financial gifts and your gift of service— has been fundamental to our success.

Now I am reaching out to you, with strong heartfelt encouragement, to ask you to join the Sangha of Thousands of Buddhas, the community of people dedicated to the project of assuring Spirit Rock’s physical viability and its spiritual potency. Now more than ever, the idea of practicing to transform one’s own mind on behalf of a more peaceful world has become widely recognized throughout America. Our crumbling Community Meditation Hall has outlived its usefulness and limits our ability to serve our community. We need a new, larger, more flexible space where groups both large and small can practice.  We need a space to accommodate all those who wish to make mindfulness central in their lives. I am passionate that this campus—for everyone who comes to Spirit Rock now and all those who will come in the future—be one that was built, in large part, as an equal partnership project of many, many people.

Please join the Sangha of Thousands of Buddhas now with a $1,000 pledge. I sincerely believe that most of us who come to Spirit Rock can do it. To make this as accessible as possible this can be done any number of ways: for $1.35 a day ($42/month)  over two years; spread over one year ($83/month); or as a single gift. Donations are tax deductible.

If you are about to join, and this is a large gift for you, I think you will be thrilled by the pleasure of your generosity. If you are thinking about making a larger gift, please consider Sangha of Thousands of Buddhas as your entry point for continuing a dialogue about how you can manifest greater generosity, or even your legacy, in the world. This Sangha represents the first formal sense of a sustaining membership, of a community committed to a future.

My dear friend Jack Kornfield and I, and all the teachers and staff at Spirit Rock are committed to the stewardship of this beautiful land the teachings we offer. With your help Spirit Rock will remain for us, and for generations to come, an extraordinary spiritual home.

By joining the Sangha of Thousands of Buddhas you will be part of this incredible community-wide effort of sharing equally in the building of Spirit Rock. Please join us today and make this vision a reality.

Warmly, and with every blessing for your practice,

Sylvia Boorstein, co-founding teacher, SMRC

If you would like to join via mail, download the STB Pledge Form

If you would like to read more, please visit the Master Plan page on this website, or download the STB Brochure.




Photos by Margot Duane

Join us! We are the community of individuals sharing equally in building Spirit Rock.

“If you know about the power of a generous heart, you will not let a single meal pass without giving to others.”
— Jack Kornfield
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